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‘Tis a long, hard summer without crime fiction

June 16, 2017



For ardent fans of Best 92.6 FM radio, Evi Sidiropoulou needs no introduction. Hers is the husky and sweet voice we’re all addicted to, Mondays to Fridays, from 6 to 8 pm.


She was born and raised in Thessaloniki, where she studied Greek Literature and Historical & Balkan Linguistics. She speaks three languages and is a far cry from your traditional nighthawk: she doesn’t drink or smoke, she’s a year-round swimmer, and a compulsive reader.


Music and books. What’s the connection?

Oh, they complement each other! I guess most readers associate reading with their favourite music. A good playlist always helps me focus more on the text I’m reading.


Do you ever suggest books on air? What’s your criteria?

Yes, I do suggest books on my show. My criteria are always subjective, what else? I usually recommend something I read and liked. We do tend to recommend things to our listeners, as a station, whether that’s music or books.


What’s your favourite literary genre?

I love fiction. Maybe because the story and the characters develop gradually in a novel, until they reach the limits of reality and fantasy.


Who’s your favourite author? What do you like about him/her?

I’d be hard pressed to pick out just one (I’d rather you asked me my favourite two or three authors). But I’d have to say, Julian Barnes, because his stories always feel so very real. His writing is dense, his sense of characters really deep and precise, even though his novels are quite short! I also love reading crime fiction, so I’d have to say I love Ian Ranking and Jo Nesbo, too.


So do you easily know whodunit?

Yes, most of the times!


When do you usually read?

I prefer reading at night: it’s much quieter then. Yes, after 11pm, I’m good.


Do you have a favourite reading spot?

My living room couch, but also some corners in my house, on the floor – it really depends on the book.


Do you talk about the books you read with others?

I am always delighted to talk about a book I’ve read, but one must have an equally interested conversational partner to do it with.


What are you reading now?

I just started reading The Dog Who Dared to Dream, by Sun-mi Hwang.


Would you use an e-reader, or do you prefer a hard copy of a book?

Even though I am a huge fan of technology, I wouldn’t change the smell of printed paper and the sound of a page turning for anything in the world.


Would you listen to an audiobook?

Yes, with pleasure and curiosity at the same time.


If you were asked to DJ at a book presentation, what type of music would you choose?

I’d try to make the music fit the content of the book: mainly instrumental pieces and something from the wide gamut of electronic music, which I love.


Have you decided which books you want to take with you on this year’s summer vacation?

I think I’d like to start off my summer readings with Hanya Yanagihara’s Little Life, because I read a host of star reviews and because it was fiction book of the year at the British Book Industry Awards.

Then, it would have to be Jaume Cabre’s Confessions (the summary on the back cover, full of contradictory meanings and plots, had me from the get-go). I also seem to have noted down to buy Samuel Bjork’s The Owl Always Hunts at Night (it is a long, hard summer without any crime fiction!). Then, Caryl Ferey’s Utu (it came highly recommended) and then Moby’s Porcelain: A memoir, because I am a fan of his.












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